The Customs of Christmas

God's Gift

About 2000 years ago on the very first Christmas, God gave mankind a very special present. This present wasn't wrapped in pretty paper adorned with ribbons and bows. It wasn't placed under a tree glistening with twinkling lights and glittering tinsel. No, this present was wrapped in strips of rough cloth and placed in an animal feeding trough. This present wasn't given to just one person or one group of people. This present was given to every man, woman, and child who has ever lived or who will ever live.

Why did God give us this present? Well, man willfully decided to break God's laws. Consequently, man could no longer fellowship with God or expect to live with Him forever. Justice demanded that man pay the penalty for breaking God's laws. Man could never pay the penalty so God came up with a plan to reconcile man with Himself. You see, God wants to fellowship with us. He wants us to live with Him forever. He decided to give mankind a gift. God gave the world His only Son to live among men and die taking man's punishment for breaking God's laws on Himself.

What's so important about this present? The punishment for breaking God's law is death, not immediate physical death, but spiritual death or total separation from God. We could never pay this penalty on our own; hence, we could never be reconciled to God. So, God had to provide a substitute to take our punishment for us. This substitute couldn't be just anyone, for someone who also broke God's law couldn't pay the penalty for everyone. The substitute had to live a perfect, sinless life. Only God's Son, Jesus, the Baby that was placed in the manger on that very first Christmas, could live that perfect, sinless life and be our substitute.

This present God is offering you right now. It's up to you to receive it. Believe that God sent His Son to be your sinless substitute. Talk to God. Admit to Him that you've broken His law and that you're sorry for it. Accept the gift, His Substitute, He is so freely offering, and be reconciled with God forever. Thank Him for His wonderful gift.

If you've accepted God's gift for you I'd like to hear about it. Please e–mail me and tell me about it.

Jesus is the Reason for the season

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