The Customs of Christmas

The Busiest Shopping Day of the Year:
The Husbands Hit the Stores

By clues 1 and 14, the five shopping husbands are Benny, Mr Karan, the one who has selected a casual wear store, Russ, and the man who has added Joseph & Co. as a stop. By clue 10, Charlie has chosen a leather goods store for the husbands' busiest–shopping–day–of–the–year outing. The leather goods store then isn't Joseph & Co. (5). In clues 1 and 14, therefore, Charlie is Mr. Karan. Walt hasn't chosen the casual wear store for Friday's trek (8); in clues 1 and 14, Walt is the husband who has picked Joseph & Co. as one of the five stops. By elimination in clues 1 and 14, then, Herb has picked a casual wear stop for the annual shopping tour. Neither Charlie (5), Herb, nor Benny (9) has selected Fine's as their chosen stop, so Russ has. Fine's doesn't sell suits & dresses (2), and Walt's Joseph & Co. doesn't sell suits & dresses (8), so Benny has chosen a store selling suits & dresses. Neither Benny, Russ (2), nor Herb (6) is Mr. Wilson, so Walt is. By clue 11, Mr. Jones is Benny. Russ's choice, Fine's, sells either jewelry or lingerie; since Mr. Clarke has chosen neither of those kinds of stores (3), Mr. Clarke can't be Russ. Mr. Clarke is Herb, and Russ is Zale. Russ Zale has picked a jewelry store for the husbands' shopping expedition (12), and Walt has picked Joseph & Co. for lingerie. Neither Benny (7) nor Herb Clarke (13) has chosen to take the group to Oh So Soft!, so Charlie has. Benny Jones's store of choice is Dionne (4) and Herb Clarke's is The Road. In sum, then, the husbands' busiest–shopping–day–of–the–year schedule is:

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