The Customs of Christmas

Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

by Randall L. Whipkey

Last evening, just before the Summerset High Senior Class closed its lot at 9:00 p.m., five families bought their Christmas trees, loading them into their cars as a light snow transformed the tree lot into a Winter Wonderland. Will you be as excited as the children who helped pick out the trees when you solve this Challenger Christmas Logic Puzzle of what variety of tree each family selected, how much their tree cost, and in what order 1st–5th they bought the final five Christmas trees of the night?

  1. Two of the trees were $5 apart in price; all other prices differed by more than $5.
  2. The Ball family didn't buy the Fraser fir.
  3. The Starrs bought their tree immediately before the family who selected the Douglas Fir did; the Douglas Fir cost $25 more than the tree the Starrs took home.
  4. The family who bought the white pine, who aren't the Lights, paid $60 for their Christmas tree.
  5. The tree the Holly family chose cost twice as much as the blue spruce, which wasn't the last tree sold.
  6. The Douglas fir was sold before the Ball family bought their tree.
  7. The Lights paid for their Christmas tree immediately after the family who selected the Fraser fir; the cost of the Lights' tree was $50 less than the cost of the Fraser fir.
  8. One family chose the Scotch pine earlier in the evening than the Garlands bought their tree; the Scotch pine cost $30 less than the Garlands' tree did.


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