The Customs of Christmas

Santa's Shopping Proxies

by Randall L. Whipkey

Because he is busier this time of year than an accountant in April, Santa Claus finds it difficult to shop for Mrs. Claus. This year, he has decided to make sure she has a jolly holly Christmas by sending five of his elves on shopping trips to buy presents for her; each elf will buy a different present in a different city around the world, with one visiting Moscow on he errand. Can you solve this Christmas Logic Puzzle by finding which elf will buy which present in which city?

  1. While one elf is buying Mrs. Claus a new bathing suit, Dweedle will be looking for another present and a third elf will be in New York City on his shopping trip.
  2. Arvid, whose assignment is neither the Palm Pilot nor the Mexican cookbook, wonders why "the Boss" doesn't go on-line to purchase the gifts.
  3. The elf shopping on Fifth Avenue in New York won't be looking for the Tivo television recording system or the motor scooter.
  4. The elf going to Tokyo isn't the one Santa is sending to buy a Palm Pilot.
  5. Neither Fred nor Ule is the shopping proxy who will buy a Tivo.
  6. The elf who hopes to sneak in a visit to St. Peter's while he is in Rome isn't Arvid.
  7. Neither Fred nor Ule is going to New York.
  8. The elf Santa is sending to choose a motor scooter for Mrs. Claus to ride around the North Pole isn't Dweedle.
  9. Ozz's shopping goal isn't a Palm Pilot.
  10. The elf who will visit Rome isn't the one buying the motor scooter nor the one being dispatched for a Palm Pilot.
  11. Ule is glad he isn't the elf who has to pick out a new bathing suit for Mrs. Claus to wear in the Claus's hot tub.
  12. Neither Dweedle nor the elf going to Rio de Janeiro is being sent to buy the Tivo system.


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