The Customs of Christmas

Christmas Alphabet

by Pauline Bormann

To complete the Christmas alphabet, you'll find the missing word in the Scripture verse referred to. Look it up and fill in the blank space.

A is for _____________, shining and bright (Luke 2:9,10),
Telling of Jesus that first Christmas night

B is for _____________, crowded and old (Micah 5:2),
The birthplace of Jesus by prophet foretold.

C is for _____________, donkeys, and sheep (Genesis 1:25),
That warmed the cold barn where the baby would sleep.

D is for _____________ his throne and his name (Luke 1:32)
Were promised to Jesus, with endless fame.

E is for _____________, where men saw a star (Matthew 2:9),
And rode on their camels to follow it far.

F is for _____________, myrrh, and fine gold (Matthew 2:11),
That they gave to Jesus, as Matthew has told.

G is for _____________, who so loves ev'ryone (John 3:16),
He sent us on Christmas His own belov'd Son.

H is for _____________, whose murderous schemes (Matthew 2:12),
Were told to the wise men and Joseph, in dreams.

I means the _____________ they carried by night (Luke 18:15),
Secretly, far from that wicked king's sight.

J is for _____________, quiet and just (Matthew 1:20),
Who obeyed God's commands with absolute trust.

K means God's kingdom, and Jesus, God's _____________ (Luke 1:33),
Appointed to rule ev'ry created thing.

L is for _____________, that brought Him to earth (John 15:13),
That we through His death could have a new birth.

M is for _____________, believing and brave (Matthew 2:11),
Finding God faithful and mighty to save.

N means the _____________, so holy and still (Luke 2:8),
When God proclaimed peace—to men of good will.

O is for _____________, the "Great O" in Greek (Revelation 1:8),
Meaning Christ, who's the End and the answer we seek.

P is for _____________, who saw Jesus' story (John 1:45),
In visions of Bethlehem, Calv'ry, and glory.

Q tells how _____________ those who had heard (Matthew 28:7)
Hastened to act on the heavenly word.

R means _____________ with all of God's friends (Philippians 3:3),
As far as the knowledge of Jesus extends—
Moses, Elijah, and Abraham, too,
Mary and Joseph, the wise men—and you.

S is for _____________, Jesus the Lord (Luke 2:11),
Whom Simeon saw, and Anna adored.

T says to tell the good _____________ to all (Luke 2:10),
Like the shepherds who told of the Child in the stall.

U stands for _____________, for to us God has given (Matthew 1:23),
"The Child" born of Mary, "The Son" sent from Heaven.

V means the _____________ from earliest ages (Isaiah 7:14),
Pictured in stars and in prophecy's pages.

W for _____________, that is His name (Isaiah 8:6),
For His wonderful works, and words, and fame.

X begins C_____________, when you spell it in Greek(John 20:31),
Meaning God's mighty Son, born lowly and weak.

Y stands for _____________ to God's holy ways (Romans 10:17, 18)
Like Mary's brave yes and her joyful praise.

Z is for _____________, that burned in God's Son (Isaiah 9:7),
To finish the work for which He had come.

If our hearts and lives to Him belong,
He'll be our salvation, our strength, and song.


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